Countertops for Kids

August 19, 2016

Countertops for Kids

Your kids may not be that interested in countertops, or home design in general for that matter, but we at FLOFORM want to help you integrate your whole family into your decor and particularly into your countertop selection. Here are some of our favorite designs that are sure to please every member of your household.


Countertops may not be the most exciting thing for children, but you can always design pieces within a room specifically for them. We love the idea of making customized furniture for your little ones, and this vivid table and chairs set by Formica works great in a child’s bedroom or playroom.



This Bala Blue design by Cambria screams kids with its bright colour and whimsical sparkle, and we think it perfectly accents both modern décor and childhood liveliness.


Want to incorporate something into your main living space that works for yourself as well as your kids? This dining table in Grey Josef Linen by Formica is a great modern geometric print that is both modern and on trend. Plus it gets bonus points for being durable enough to resist the scratches and stains that come hand in hand with young ones.



Would you implement any kid-friendly design ideas in your home? Tell us what you think!