Striking Design

May 10, 2016

Striking Design

Boring beige, gloomy grey, worn-out white.

Neutrals certainly have their place in the world of design, but they are very rarely what inspires or excites someone about a space.

Conventional wisdom suggests keeping your major investment pieces like couches and cabinetry neutral, but sometimes a bold, brave piece really strikes a cord.

Here are some ways to make intelligent and daring design choices in your home.

1. Combine different hues and shades of the same bold color.

Even add a pattern. Because they all share the same base color, the different shades and patterns add visual texture and allure without causing confusion.

2. Color blocking is a great way to get multiple bold colors to work together within one space.

A trend that has emerged both in interior design and fashion in recent years, color blocking keeps the focus in one area of your space, rather than creating multiple competing focal points.


3. Paint is a great – and inexpensive – way to add some pizzazz to any room in your home.

It is after all, only paint. It can be changed relatively easily and affordable and can lend much-needed personality to rooms that tend to lean towards safe, resale-minded tile and finish selections.


4. The bathroom seems to be a place people like to take design risks

And as such it affords the opportunity to create high-end, custom looks using unique materials. Both pattern and color work since there are few other fixtures to conflict in a small bathroom space.



So there you have it, use these four easy tricks and say goodbye to the mundane world of monotones and dreary neutrals. Add some spice to your home and never look back!

Pictures from Cambria,, Camille Styles, and Ames Tile.