Kitchen Gardens

June 24, 2016

Kitchen Gardens

Have you ever wanted to grow your own edible garden? As countertop people, we’re loving the new trend in indoor kitchen gardens in particular! Container gardening, inside or out can be a great way to accommodate an edible garden without relying on the natural soil of your yard. But where do you start and what do you plant? Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

kitchen Garden

1. Good soil is a must. The best soil for container gardening is something that is quick draining, water retentive and rich in nutrients. Try a recommended potting mix from your local nursery.

2. Don’t overcrowd your pots. This is the most common problem when it comes to amateur container gardening. Although some plants can handle a neighbor, an easy way to ensure success is to live by the rule, one plant, one pot. 5-gallon pots are ideal for most edibles such as tomatoes and peppers, but for an indoor garden, stick to things like herbs that can handle a smaller pot.

3. Understand watering. Soil in containers dries out very quickly and needs to be maintained diligently. Check regularly and make sure each plant is receiving the proper amount of water to thrive. Remember to try and avoid over-watering though as it can promote rot.

4. Not all containers will achieve the same results. The size of a container, the shape and the material are all factors in the success of your plants. In terms of shape, try to get a more cylindrical pot as opposed to a traditionally tapered one which will dry out soil faster. Darker colors absorb heat and light while lighter ones reflect it, so keep in mind how much sun exposer and warmth your particular plant needs.

5. Herbs are a great starting point. They’re resilient and although each one has its own likes and dislikes, in general they’re easy to grow and do well indoors. Bonus: they add some lovely greenery to your kitchen and smell fantastic!

Kitchen Garden2

So whether you are a first time gardener or an old pro, why not try your hand at growing some edibles this summer? Let us know what your favorite thing to grow is. Happy planting!

Photos courtesy of: Two Twenty One and Fixer Upper.