Do You Know Your Kitchen Style?

October 14, 2016

Do You Know Your Kitchen Style?

Have you ever found it difficult to describe your style? It’s often the case that you just “know it when you see it”. Inspirational photos can go a long way when trying to figure out exactly what it is that you want out of space. Take a look at our design style favorites and tell us which one is your style!


Farmhouse rustic. Cozy and warm, this easy-going style evokes nature with its soft colors, wood floors, and open concept shelving. Characterized by wide sinks and a big family table, Farmhouse appeals to people who value the coming together of people and the memories that are made and shared.


Classic traditional. Traditional kitchens are all about the details. These details can be as varied as the person themselves; arches, intricate millwork, elaborate edge profiling, and unique tile, each piece comes together to tell an individual story.


Transitional. This style is for people who want the comfort and detail of traditional design and the simple, clean lines of a contemporary kitchen. Balance and compromise are key with this style and are a great choice for homeowners whose tastes aren’t quite one or the other.


Modern. Modern design is often defined by its minimalism – clean lines and sleek, simple architecture. This style is for those who appreciate structure and order and want the natural beauty of their chosen materials to shine through.


Eclectic. Eclecticism is for the person who rejects all forms of defined design and strives to create a style that is uniquely their own. Mixing and matching personal mementos from travels, family outings and past experiences all unite to create something that is distinctly individual.

So what is your kitchen style? Did this list make you change your mind? Share with us what it is that you love and why!

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