Matte vs. Gloss Countertops: Quartz Finishing

April 13, 2019

Matte vs. Gloss Countertops: Quartz Finishing

Introducing Cambria Matte

Cambria is always on the cutting edge of design and trends when it comes to their product and this new matte finish is no exception! This is what Cambria had to say about it.

The stylish matte finish you’ve been waiting for has just arrived with Cambria Matte™. With elegant and silky smooth beauty, the 16 Cambria Matte™ finish designs offer the durability, easy-care convenience, and nonabsorbency of our high gloss surfaces to give you the same incredible performance for life.

This beautiful new matte finish is available in the following 16 designs.

(Left to Right) 1st Row: Annicca, Clareanne, Rose Bay, Queen Anne | 2nd Row: Rosedale, Swanbridge, Carrick, Weybourne | 3rd Row: Brittanicca, Greystone, Ella, Dunmore | 4th Row: Fairbourne, Berwyn, Devon, Newport

What are your thoughts on a matte quartz countertop from Cambria? Would you opt for this finish in your own home?


There are 4 popular Cambria Matte designs which mimic natural stone for a ‘marbleized’ effect.

Are you mesmerized by the glam and glitz of high gloss finishes? Our designers have chosen their four favorite glossy and matte Cambria designs. Let us take a look into these 8 Cambria quartz designs.


4 Cambria Matte Designs


Annicca Matte


The elegant appearance of Cambria’s Annicca Matte will bring a natural marbleized look that has a twist. Dusted with reflective purple specks which illuminate with brilliance to provide your kitchen interest and dimension. Thick oceans of taupe splatter the foamy white backdrop for a theatrical look in the décor of your kitchen.


Clareanne Matte


The smoky colored design provides a softer touch. Clareanne Matte involves just a touch of white all throughout and creates a ‘farmhouse fresh’ appearance. It is this subtle taupe backdrop which permits the additional room elements to take center stage.


Rosedale Matte


Rosedale Matte by Cambria bathes the room in contrasting beauty and instills a fashionable contemporary feel. The deeper swirls create an essence of style and luxury. The matte’s contrasting white and black tapestry goes well with gray, black, or white cabinets for the kitchen motif with a modern appearance.




As you seek something that has an edgy dash of drama, search no further than the Blackpool design from Cambia. The solid black matte-appearance offers a fun presence. Undecorated by a hi-gloss finish, only provided in Cambria Matte, the robust black shades emit a sheen reflecting the natural light. Blackpool immediately grounds the design, and draws your eye in. The black, rich color complements the majority of cabinet colors and enriches a room by its sole presence.


4 Cambria High-Gloss Designs




The Windermere design by Cambria comprises of a creamy palette and leaves its beauty fresh and simple. Coupled with a high-gloss finish, it is the unique creamy brush strokes which add ambiance and welcome countless possibilities to add color all throughout the design of the room.




As you look for a pattern to impress, Bellingham design by Cambria blends swirls of charcoal, white, and cocoa for a plethora of neutrals. Bellingham is able to couple with any style of cabinetry to make the combination unique.




As you look for a robust color scheme of browns and golds, search no further than the Buckingham design from Cambria. It’s an intricate color-weave which magically creates depth and movement. The splashing color swirls will go well with any white or wood grain cabinets. Buckingham’s color scheme, gleaming with bold tones, will enchant any motif in the kitchen.




As you figure that your new countertop ought to have classic style and warmth, consider the Bradshaw design by Cambria. The contrasting palette involves a blend of taupe and chocolate. It is the even distribution of color, all churning together, to develop depth and movement in the design. This high gloss finish ensures that the design is brilliantly illuminated.


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