September 25, 2019

Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

It’s where we cook, usually eat and where all the best parties happen – the kitchen.

And we know you want to make the most of the space you have in this well-loved room of the home, especially when the square footage is low.

To help, we’ve gathered our favorite tips to make even the tiniest kitchen feel spacious and impressive.


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Set yourself up for success

Regardless of the size of the space you’re working with, if it isn’t organized, it will never feel large enough.

But if you’re able to utilize every corner creatively, your kitchen can easily become the shining star of your home.

From shelf-stackers and under-shelf baskets for your cupboards to pegboards and magnetic knife holders, there’s a variety of storage options you can pick up that instantly give you more places to stash your items.

Also, lookup. The space between the top of your cabinets and ceiling is perfect for storing things you use only infrequently like special appliances and serving dishes.

Windowsills and the top of your stove can also be multi-functional. You can even put some of your non-perishable items in mason jars so they can double as a fun decorative option.


There’s a variety of storage options for sale that you should take advantage of:

  • Shelf-stackers and under-shelf baskets for your cupboards can add a lot of space to your kitchen;
  • Pegboards on your cupboard doors;
  • Shelving on your walls and these shelves can double as a decorative way to display your best wares.


These storage options will give you the ability to live the best of both worlds: a tiny space that economizes on natural resources and energy while still accommodating your needs.

Many of these practical kitchen storage solutions can be equally applied to other areas in your house, including your bathroom. You can also look at IKEA for a variety of space-saving options like the Raskog cart, which is an excellent storage option.

When everything has a place, your kitchen design, and features, *cough* like your beautiful countertop *cough* will truly stand out.


Find your inner Marie Kondo

 She’s a phenomenon for a reason. If you haven’t picked up Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or checked her Netflix show, you’ve likely heard her mantra, “Does it spark joy?”

In essence, Kondo is all about decluttering your space. Her method is all about ensuring you’re truly only holding on to the things that bring you happiness and that you need.

We know. It’s easier said than done though – especially in the kitchen.

As the hub of the home, it seems to be where bags get dropped off, junk drawers fill up, and important papers collect. Then there’s the actual food and appliances!

To Kondo-as-you-go, designate five minutes every day to do a quick declutter. Put everything that has a home back where it belongs (See above!), clear off your counters and just do those dishes. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow when you start with a tidier room.

When you have more time to dedicate to reorganizing, pull out all of the like items you have at the same time and consider them.

How many do you have? Do you need them all? Are you just holding on to them because you’ve had them for a long time or someone important gifted them to you?

At the end of the day, there are some things that you should just toss in the bin. For real.

If they’re collections you’ve been accidentally curating – think cookbooks or mugs – select the most meaningful pieces and find a dedicated spot to display them and let the others go. If they’re not damaged, donate or sell them so they can bring someone else happiness.

Same goes for pantry ingredients and other kitchen wares – how much cumin do you need? Toss what’s out of date and share what you can.


Let the light in

And we mean that literally. Incorporating transparent materials like Lucite and glass into your kitchen through furniture or accessories creates the illusion of space. Being able to see through items makes them seem like they take up less space, making your room feel airier. Makes sense, right?

Decorating with light colors can also be incredibly helpful when trying to make a room look, and feel, bigger. They don’t absorb as much light as darker ones, so they tend to make people feel less crowded.

This rule can apply to the paint you use, the furniture you decorate with, or even the countertops you choose. Our Angora color from Hanstone Quartz or the laminate color Arctic Snow is great light options for any kitchen.

If those options don’t work for your kitchen, check out our full collection or contact us. We’d love to help you find the perfect material and color countertop for your close quarters. We take the guesswork out of creating a custom kitchen, so you can relax and enjoy the process.


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