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Wood countertops, often called Butcher Block, add a unique, natural touch to your kitchen or bathroom. Caribou offers the next generation of wood countertops; a food-safe, waterproof and maintenance-free wood surface.

Why Choose Butcher Block?

Every wood countertop from Caribou is uniquely designed for the customer's needs.

Caribou is the next generation of butcher block.

  • Craftsmanship: Caribou surfaces are handcrafted and built to last.
  • End+Edge Technology: A specialized process that results in a matte finish that is food-safe and waterproof.
  • RF Glue Technology: Radio Frequency (RF) Gluing fuses wood blocks together by drying the adhesive from the inside out.
  • Opposing Grains: The grains of each block are running in the opposite direction to prevent warping.
  • Warranty: Caribou is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

If you still have questions regarding butcher block countertops, schedule a Free Countertops Consultations with a professional design consultant and receive a same-day quote.

Butcher Block | FAQ

1. How is it made?

1. Hand-selected, acclimatized raw lumber is cut into 2” strips. A rough slab is prepared by flipping each strip so that the grains are perpendicular to each other. This creates slab stability by allowing the natural forces to work against each other and prevent warping during acclimatization. The joints are then glued and the slab is clamped with an eight-tonne radio frequency press. The slab is planed, sanded, and cut to size. The final step is the application os Caribou’s proprietary End+Edge Technology. The result is a rich satin finish that is food-safe, waterproof, and maintenance-free.

2. Can I cut directly on it?

2. Don’t cut on it unless you want knife marks on the surface. Butcher Block is essentially a large slab of a cutting board and will take a knife’s edge in the same way. You can protect the surface by using a cutting board.

3. Will my wood countertop split or warp?

3. Only in extreme temperatures and humidity. The End+Edge Technology seals the core of the product making it more resilient than comparative products. Additionally, the radio frequency, wood aging, and grain matching techniques that Caribou employs greatly limit these issues.

4. How do I take care of it?

4. We recommend using a mild vinegar solution with water. You can also use soap and water, but we don’t recommend using harsh chemicals. The End+Edge Technology maintains a permanent finish, so no oils or special treatments are needed.

Designing with Wood

They are incredible!

They’re marvelous to look at, adding a natural look and feel to your home.
They’re also visually complex in subtle ways, the tones and grain of the wood adding depth to the palette of your kitchen.

How to match colors and mix material? Find out more!

We are proud to be distributors of the leading brand in our industry.

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