Infinity Porcelain

Exclusively made in Italy, Infinity’s state-of-the-art digital imaging technology results in true-to-life natural colorations within a surface that is virtually maintenance-free.

Natura-Vein Tech | Porcelain Countertops

Technology to produce veined slabs

Natura-Vein Tech is a revolutionary innovation developed by Infinity technical experts to obtain veined slabs, recreating the effect found on natural marble.

During the production process, this technology makes it possible to obtain a controlled sedimentation of the minerals, passing through the full thickness of the slab for perfect consistency between the surface and the body.

Infinity technology

Natura-Vein Tech is the latest step forward in porcelain stoneware production technology, a new frontier that edges the industrial product even closer to the unique, natural look of marble. Exactly like natural marble, the veining pattern is completely random. The technology can be applied to both the 20 and the 12 mm thicknesses.

Natura-Vein Tech available colors: Classic Statuario, Calacatta Magnifico, Panda White, Statuario Principe.

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Porcelain Countertops | FAQ

Introducing Porcelain Countertop

How are the Porcelain Slabs made?

Quartzes, feldspar, clay, and kaolin are purified, atomized, pressed and heated to high temperatures in order to make up the body of the product.

With the production system, it is possible to combine various layers of colored powders in the body of the slab, perfecting the desired effect right down to the last detail.

1. What are the advantages of Porcelain Countertop?

1. All slabs have structural, aesthetic and functional characteristics that make them an ideal choice. It is resistant to wear & tear and scratches and is not affected by heat or acid. The slabs are very easy to clean, typically requiring only mild soap and a damp cloth. Non-Absorbent. Resistant to liquid, acids, thermal shock, scratches, and abrasions. Food-safe, hygienic surface. Easy to clean

2. What is the composition of Porcelain Slabs?

2. They are made of 100% natural raw materials and minerals. They are the same essential elements contained in granite which, when sintered at a temperature of 1230°C, create a new, compact material with incomparable technical performance. They are the result of a combination of excellences: smart technologies, high-quality raw materials, and a deep culture in surface design.

3. How big are the slabs?

3. Infinity specializes in the production of large slabs, up to a maximum size of 1620mm x 3240mm (~ 63.75” x 127.5”). Sizes are available in both 12mm ( ~ 0.5”) and 20mm (~ 0.75”) thickness.

4. Can Porcelain be used beyond countertops?

4. The large-sized porcelain slabs can be used for furnishing accessories, for application on interior walls, or for cladding of glued or ventilated walls.

5. What are the range of Porcelain Surface finishes?

5. Here they are. Polished: It is obtained through a progressive mechanical grinding process. It uses micro-abrasive materials with decreasing granularity to create a perfectly reflective surface. This surface is recommended for cladding applications and for the production of various types of furnishing elements. Satin: Satin finish is the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality. Perfectly smooth, soft to the touch, with a controlled and homogeneous opacity that enhances the graphic development of the slabs. A complete absence of structure maximizes cleaning capacity and daily maintenance. Matte: This finish is characterized by a light surface structure that enhances stone finishes and allows obtaining a friction coefficient suitable for floor applications. The structure of the slab remains soft and does not make the surface difficult to clean.

Porcelain VS Other Surfaces