Be Bold

December 18, 2015

Be Bold


Be Bold – 5 Bold statement ideas for your kitchen

We get asked all the time “what are some areas in the kitchen we can renovate to give the room some boldness”.

We’ve picked 5 areas where you can achieve the look of being bold without having to sacrifice the rest of your kitchen.


1. Fixtures


This Kohler Whitehaven sink comes in single or double basin with a gentle pattern of horizontal ridges. It also comes 9” or 7” depth and with the 7” depth it does not require you to modify your cabinets. Apron sinks have become very popular because they provide a very bold look, are durable and most importantly, they are practical.








2. Cabinet Color


If you’re going for a bright color for your cabinets, blues have emerged as one of the most popular choices. There are endless shades of blue to choose from including Navy, Turquoise, Royal and Cyan. This gorgeous blue kitchen from Birmingham Home & Garden showcases how warm and inviting this bold look can be.


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3. Countertop

Of course, we are biased but changing out your countertops for something with some exotic movement is number 1 on our list of pieces you can change out to add some flare to your kitchen. Hanstone’s Chantilly is a perfect example of this. It allow you to keep the rest of the kitchen design subdued and keeps the focus on the most used appliance in your kitchen – your countertops.

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4. Bold Shades


We’ve seen so many gorgeous white kitchens lately but a refreshing look has recently gained some traction. Although not for everyone, painting your kitchen walls black can be a cost-effective – non-permanent solution to adding some life to your kitchen. This French kitchen hits just the right note.


















5. Area Rug


Last but not least and by far the most cost-effective solution to a bland kitchen is finding an area rug that you love and that fits in your space. This could potentially be a risky proposition since the carpet could be susceptible to dirt and staining but if you are daring it’s definitely worth a shot. If you ask us the benefits outweigh the cons and we haven’t even discussed how comfy it would feel on your feet! This bright rug brightens up an otherwise white kitchen perfectly!


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If you have any idea you would like to share with us our maybe you have some success stories we’d love to hear from you!