Countertops: Not Just for the Kitchen!

August 12, 2016

Countertops: Not Just for the Kitchen!

Countertops: Not Just for the Kitchen!

When most people think of countertops, they think kitchen and bathroom.

In reality, there are countless ways families can incorporate traditional countertop surfaces into their homes. The main ingredient for these designs is creativity, and then we at FLOFORM will help to make your ideas come to life.

One of our favorite ways to use these products in a new and different way is within the bathroom.

There are endless possibilities to shower and bath designs, and the best idea is to customize it to suit your individual needs.

This half wall of stone is suited perfectly for Seagrove by Cambria and gives a luxurious feel to this classic bathroom.


Art would not be something people commonly associate with countertop design, but with so many diverse products out there, it is easy to utilize materials in an artistic way.

Whether it be a single piece or an entire wall. Different products can be sculpted & shaped into eye-catching pieces within your home.

The interesting pattern the Formica Petrified Wood design provides this wall with a rustic background, and nicely integrates the colors of the other pieces within the room.



Finally, you can modernize any fireplace with a beautiful stone piece, like this one by Cambria Quartz.

The stone provides a clean and modern look for the space, and the Torquay design gives a contemporary feel, to this elegant living room.


In what ways would you incorporate countertops surfaces products into your home?