Glitz and Glam For The Whole Fam

November 10, 2016

Glitz and Glam For The Whole Fam

Who says the fab life is just for the ultra stylish? Here at FLOFORM, we say that anyone can create their own glitz and glamour right in their kitchen. We love the look of shine and sparkle in the kitchen, and showing off your glitzy side is a great way to enhance the look of any room.

This Cambria kitchen island is a perfect example of modern glam in a contemporary home. The Princetown countertops are stunning in this exquisite ultra stylish space — perfect for the modern day family.

Sparkle is another great way to show off your glamorous side, and what better place to have it than in your very own dining room!  This Cambria dining table, featured in Minera, is a great way to incorporate a bit of glitter into your home.


A backsplash is a perfect location for a splash of glamour, and we love this eye-catching design for the kitchen. The contemporary style of the room is a perfect balance to the dazzling wall, providing a great expression of a modern flair.


Via Glamour Planner

How would incorporate glitz and glamour into your home?