Global Bathrooms

September 21, 2016

Global Bathrooms

Although you may not live in an exotic location, you can still relish foreign and interesting design elements inspired by international countries. We especially love global trends within the bathroom, as it can be a great escape from your typical home d├ęcor. For example, this intriguing look from Kohler showcases an Eastern vibe, that is sure to put you in a relaxed mood, and helps to create that perfect oasis.

For a more Parisienne flair, you could try this look from Cambria featuring Stafford Brown that will transport you to a wholly elegant and luxurious time. Vintage inspiration is a great way to play up a dream quality to your home, and we love this look of French beauty within a classic bathroom for two.


For something truly awe-inspiring, try adding a thoroughly bronzed bathroom in your home, straight out of a Roman tragedy. This look is completely unique, and presents an ideal grandiose room like never before. Each detail is precise and beautiful, making the entire room a work of art.


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