Playful design: Adding personality to your kitchen

February 3, 2017

Playful design: Adding personality to your kitchen

You want to feel like your home is your own and that it is an extension of yourself and your family.

How do you turn your kitchen into an expression of who you are and what you enjoy, if you’re unsure how to do that? Here are some suggestions and tips to help you incorporate your unique tastes into your culinary space.

1. Use your favorite color.

Painting your cabinetry is an easy and inexpensive way to transform the ambiance of a room. Experiment with different paint colours and see what makes you grin! Go for it! Instead of turning your kitchen into something boring and commonplace, choose a bold colour and make it into something unique and special for yourself.

2. Personal accents.

The most effective way to make your personal space is to be inventive. Add accents that stick out to you and make you pleased to be in your kitchen. Do you like architectural elements? Include feature tiles or reveal a brick wall, for example. The possibilities are truly limitless!

3. Focus on what matters.

Make sure you consider your individual needs when you design your kitchen. Do you spend a lot of time prepping meals, or do you prefer to have customized spice drawers or bar sinks on your island? Do you frequently host dinners and end up staying in the kitchen? You may want to consider an avant-garde island design or a countertop design that pushes the boundaries if you frequently stay up late.

Whatever choice you make, go with your gut and focus on what matters to you.