Should I DIY My Laminate Installation?

May 5, 2019

Should I DIY My Laminate Installation?


Trying to decide if you should do it yourself or hire someone to install your laminate countertops?

Here are a few things to think about:


  • How much DIY knowledge do you have? Have you ever installed kitchen countertops before? Are you handy around the house, and have you done your own renovations before? Do you have the background knowledge necessary to successfully do renovations without additional help?


  • Do you have the tools and equipment needed to install your own countertops? Do you know what types of materials and supplies you need to make it happen? Safety is another key factor here – chemicals are often used in the installation, and the countertops can be very heavy! Do you have the resources of other DIYers you know who can help you lift and carry everything?


  • How important is it you that your kitchen looks clean and professional? When you hire a professional to do the job for you, you can feel confident knowing that the countertops will be made to fit just right in your kitchen, and they will be finished to the highest quality. You will also receive a warranty – something you won’t have access to if you do it yourself.


In most cases, we highly recommend that you make use of qualified professionals. Make things easier on yourself by hiring someone else to handle the installation for you! FLOFORM services crews are equipped and prepared to install any of our materials – saving you a lot of time, effort, and stress.

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