The Rustic Chic Kitchen

March 29, 2016

The Rustic Chic Kitchen

While the modern kitchen is all about keeping everything clean, sleek, and simple, the rustic-chic kitchen has more of a carefree attitude.

Here are some style and décor ideas for getting a rustic chic theme in your kitchen:

·       Go for warmer colors. Autumnal colors, such as browns and oranges, are the perfect hues for a rustic chic kitchen. That could mean incandescent lights, wood shelving, neutral walls, and fresh flowers on the table. Keep the feeling of the room light and airy with warm colors to balance out the earthiness of having wood floors and shelving.


·       Don’t be afraid to show your personality. In the rustic chic kitchen, your theme will be emphasized with the more personality that you inject into it! Consider hanging favorite photographs or personalized paintings on the walls.

Other ways you can add personality and special details include having shutters fitted into your windows, going for an open-concept style when it comes to the cupboards and shelving, and hanging pots and pans from the ceiling or along one wall. This is a thoughtful kitchen, built with love and character.



·       Think comfort along with style. A rustic-chic kitchen is a safe place for everyone to come and chat. It’s a warm, inviting area of the home for the whole family to come together and have great conversations.

Adding a variety of comfortable chairs of varying shapes and sizes (perhaps some wooden chairs with cushions at the kitchen table, tall stools at the counter, and a wicker chair in the corner of the room, for example) is a nice way to make everyone who enters your rustic chic kitchen feel comfortable in the space.



Rustic decor certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re wanting to create a warm and inviting environment  – a rustic kitchen might be the right look for you! More kitchen ideas and inspiration.