Winter White

November 23, 2016

Winter White

Though winter is just beginning, many of us are already shoveling ourselves out of our homes in the morning. We’ve dusted off our winter gear after an all-too-short hiatus and are preparing to take on our snow-covered cars for several months to come. So today we’re embracing the cold to look at one of the biggest trends in home décor – countertops as white as the weather outside.

The countertops we see popularizing modern kitchens tend to be part of all-white decor. While the look is visually stunning, adding a bit of color to the room brings in a playful and lively quality. Adding texture and design gives your simple white countertops an artful perspective as seen in this room with white speckled countertops aptly named; Snowdon White by Cambria.



If you don’t want the pure white look, consider adding warm design elements like wood in some areas of your space. We love the look of this all white kitchen with the added portion of wood countertops and flooring, as it adds just the right amount of depth to the otherwise stark kitchen.




Another way to create interest is to choose a design with a sense of movement. We love this marble-inspired quartz countertop by Cambria, especially paired with the stone backsplash in this kitchen. The varied tones of the backsplash paired with the Ella countertop helps tie this beautiful kitchen together.




There are so many different ways you can use white countertop. The trick is finding the way that works best for you. Are you embracing the season and using white inside your home?