August 16, 2016

Bright Lights or Bright Skies?

Are you hitting the town or hitting the dusty trail?

There are pros and cons to both locations, but only you know which fits best with your lifestyle.

Do you fancy yourself a smooth and sophisticated professional, or a trendy, urban socialite? Then city living might be just the ticket for you!

We think this modern kitchen featuring Seagrove by Cambria gives a great snapshot into the life of a busy city dweller, with its sleek lines and contemporary feel.

We also love this shower surround by Cambria in Blackwood that gives this bathroom an ultra-chic look.




If laid-back, quiet and simple would better describe you; you might consider settling away from the hustle and bustle of the eventful city, and relaxing in the beautiful countryside.

This Cambria kitchen really embodies the traditional and rustic feel of the country.

With classic wood flooring and lovely light cabinetry, everything works together with the Hampshire countertops.

This Cambria bathroom also seems to make you feel like you’ve escaped from the confines of the city. We love this beach house style bathroom featuring an Ella vanity top.




After a long hard day, where do you want to settle in for the night?

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