June 11, 2019

Designing with Wood Countertops

Butcher Block Countertop

Wood countertops are incredible!

They’re marvelous to look at, adding a natural look and feel to your home.

They’re also visually complex in subtle ways, the tones and grain of the wood adding depth to the palette of your kitchen.

Matching Colours

Matching colors with wood can seem like a tricky business, after all, which colors you should match with varies significantly depending on what kind of wood your countertops are made of.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways of going about this. When you have deep, dark woods, like cherry and walnut, you can try to contrast with lighter colored paint on the walls. That will make the wood pop.

Conversely, strong, deep colored walls will make light woods pop. Light walls will also make the wood grain patterns stand out, so if your countertop has a grain you love, opt for light yellows or greens to show it off. Yellow is a particularly nice kitchen color – it’s said to stimulate hunger.


Mixing Materials

One of the most celebrated design trends right now is industrial chic. You’ll probably see it in classy, talk-of-the-town restaurants and other hip establishments.

You can use it to wonderful effect in your home, too. It takes the organic, raw feel of wood, and mixes it up with metals and exposed brick.

The contrast between organic and inorganic, of man-made and natural, works so well – in part because the reflective sheen of metal contrasts well with subtle colorations of wood.

Modern farmhouse is another popular style that works great with wood. Here, the emphasis is on comfort, with neutral walls and warm undertones. You’ll want to lean towards darker woods, here, so they stand out against the fabric and walls, which are likely to be lighter and brighter.


butcher block Wood Caribou Walnut


When your countertops are heavily grained, it’s best to go with solid color fabrics around them. Too much patterning can feel like overload, especially in this comfortable style.

You might already have hardwood floors. You can absolutely match these with a wood countertop, but you don’t want to match too much. Make sure the undertone is the same (cool to cool, warm to warm), but you can opt for a different type of wood.

A deeper colored countertop will match well with a lighter floor. When your countertop and floor are wood, it can be a good idea to paint the cabinets below a contrasting color, in order to create a visual separation of the two blocks of wood.

Wood Is In!

And it is better for the planet, and safer than you think!

It’s withstood the test of time, it matches with all kinds of different decor and colors, and it’s depth and complexity grows the longer you’ve owned it.

Sustainability initiatives have become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.  Caribou, FLOFORM’s butcher block supplier, is proud to partner with OneTreePlanted to fulfill our Reforestation Efforts. For every countertop sold, Caribou will plant a tree!

Rustic and effortless

That’s what we think of when we look at these subtle and stylish wooden countertops from Caribou.


At FLOFORM, we love the idea of countertops that embody both modern finishes and the classic appeal of a simple kitchen.

Although country living is what most people associate with wood countertops, Caribou Butcher Block has gone above and beyond typical designs with their products, and brought a contemporary edge to the traditional look.

Heritage Wood Reclaimed

This amazing design shows the versatility of wood, and how you can use your creative vision to stylize each product into exactly the design you’re looking for.

With any product, wood works best if it suits your specific needs, and works with the other elements in your kitchen. So be creative, and give wood a try!



Would you use wood within your kitchen? We can’t recommend wood countertops enough!


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