September 16, 2016

Diamond in the Rough

It’s all about the bling! There’s something exceptional about the subtle glint and glisten of a sparkle that the right stone adds to your countertop. There are so many different variations of stone you can use in your home to give it that special shine. Here are some of our favourites.

Harlech™, COASTAL™ Collection, Cambria


The regal tones of this lavish design are inspired by Harlech Castle perched on high like an all-seeing sentinel keeping a watchful eye over the town of Snowdonia in North Wales. The sparkle in Harlech is both subtle and splendid and adds just the right amount of grandeur to any space.

Hadley™, DESERT™ Collection, Cambria


Dauntless and self-assured with a jaunty nautical flair, Hadley™ is inspired by the deep blue skies and faint winking stars high over Hadley Wood near Hertfordshire in southern England. This is the kind of sparkle that converts the nay-sayers. It’s just enough to make an impact but accents the beautiful blue shade perfectly.

Whitney™, Jewel™ Collection, Cambria

Whitney_C_NICK NINOS_bar_003_12

Reminiscent of the quaint, snow-covered cottages in this gateway town to the Cotswolds, Whitney gleams like tiny snow crystals cast adrift in the deep, winter sky. While the pure white base lends itself to clean, modern design, the statement sparkle accents will delight the glitter lover in anyone.

How do you feel about a little glitz and glamour in your countertop? How much is too much?