August 18, 2023

Dream Outdoor Space: Enhance Your Kitchen with Elegant Outdoor Kitchen Countertops


I. Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
II. Tile and Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
III. Choosing the Right Outdoor Countertop Material
IV. FloForm – The Best Choice for Your Kitchen
V. Conclusion 

Creating a dream outdoor kitchen with outdoor kitchen countertops can be a great way to entertain friends and family for years to come. But, it’s important that you invest in quality features that will be reliable and enhance your backyard. One of the key elements to think about when creating your perfect outdoor kitchen is your countertops. Outdoor countertops come in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes, but which one should you choose? Read on to learn the benefits of countertops and which one is best for you. 

outdoor kitchen countertops

outdoor kitchen countertops

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Countertops 

Outdoor kitchen countertops installations add beauty and elegance to the exterior of your home and can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Whether you have an area for cooking, serving, or entertaining, adding outdoor countertops can have some great benefits. 

Firstly, countertops can help protect your outdoor kitchen surfaces from spills and damage. Even if you’re careful, accidents happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Countertops can also provide extra working or serving space in a pinch. You’ll be able to do all your outdoor cooking, prep, and entertaining with a few extra square feet of counter space. 

Finally, countertops can add visual interest and beauty to the exterior of your home. In addition to being stylish and practical, countertops can tie the entire outdoor space together and create an inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

Tile and Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertops 

When it comes to outdoor kitchen countertops, tile and granite are two of the most popular materials. They both come in a variety of colors and patterns which make them great for matching with other outdoor elements. 

Tile countertops are the perfect choice for an outdoor kitchen because they are highly resistant to water and heat. The tiles can be arranged in any pattern which allows for easy customization. In addition, tile countertops are relatively cheap and easy to install.

Granite countertops are becoming more popular for outdoor kitchens. Granite is the ideal material for areas that experience high temperatures or heavy usage. Granite countertops are also non porous and incredibly durable, so they will last for years. Though this type of countertop is more expensive than tile, you can always reseal the surface to make it last longer. 

Choosing the Right Outdoor Countertop Material

Choosing the right countertop material for your outdoor kitchen can be a difficult decision. It all depends on your budget, style, and what type of maintenance you’re willing to do. 

For instance, if you want a beautiful and elegant look, granite may be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for something more durable and cost effective, tile might be better. Here’s a quick list of pros and cons to consider when deciding which material is best for your outdoor countertops: 

outdoor kitchen countertops in Seattle

outdoor kitchen countertops in Seattle

Pros of Tile Countertops

  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Resistant to water and heat damage 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Wide selection of colors and patterns 

Pros of Granite Countertops

  • Non-porous 
  • Highly durable 
  • Stylish and elegant 
  • Definite resistance to heat and water damage 

Cons of Tile Countertops

  • Can be easily damaged 
  • Prone to discoloration 
  • Limited choice of colors 

Cons of Granite Countertops

  • Costly 
  • Must be resealed periodically 
  • Can be easily scratched and cracked 

FloForm – The Best Choice for Your Kitchen 

When it comes to outdoor kitchen countertops in Seattle, FloForm is the best choice. They have a wonderful selection of slab options and colors to choose from to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. From granite to quartz, FloForm has a vast array of options to customize the perfect outdoor space. 

FloForm Seattle also takes pride in their customer service. They provide expert installation, repair, and maintenance for your countertops to ensure they last for years to come. With FloForm, your dream outdoor kitchen has never been easier. 


Outdoor countertops can be a great addition to any outdoor space. They can add beauty, protection, and extra work space to your kitchen. But it’s important to choose the right material. Tile and granite countertops both have their benefits and drawbacks, so be sure to consider which one’s best for you. When it comes to outdoor kitchen countertops in Seattle, FloForm is the best choice. They offer a wide range of materials and colors to customize the perfect outdoor kitchen and provide expert installation and repair services to make sure your countertops last. Check out us.FloForm.com today to get started on your dream outdoor kitchen!