June 23, 2022

Groutless Shower Walls, Porcelain Slabs

White with black veining porcelain slabs installed on shower walls are a statement focal point in a master bath.

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Featuring INFINITY the engineered stone

Finding the best material for shower walls is an important part for your bathroom remodel. There are several material selections you can consider. But if you are looking for something that is durable, beautiful and “groutless” for your shower walls, there’s not much to chose from. Luckily, FLOFORM has a solution for those seeking all 3 of those qualities. It’s time to consider porcelain slabs by INFINITY.



Based in Italy, Infinity specializes in the creation of large-scale slabs of porcelain up to a maximum measurement of 63″ x 127″. Infinity 6 mm slabs are perfect to cover shower walls from top to bottom. They offer the best solution for architects and designers. When this product is installed as large panels for shower walls, joints are kept to a minimum while hygiene and design are maximized.


Groutless Shower Wall Ideas

With nearly zero porosity, simple and intuitive maintenance and a rich repertoire of colors and finishes, Infinity is the ideal option for a bathroom renovation. Thanks to high-performance materials with for fully customizable projects.

Take a look at these beautiful spaces, all featuring Infinity Porcelain installed as shower panels. Which one do you love most?

White with black veining porcelain slabs installed on shower walls are a statement focal point in a master bath.

Statement Wall: Infinity MB18 Panda White

Statement shower wall with Infinity Porcelain Slabs.

Bathroom Walls: Infinity MB20 Royal Peacock

Luxury Bathroom Design with large porcelain slabs for shower walls, floors and trim.

Walls & Floors: Infinity OC01 Crystal Ice Blue Accents: Inifnity MB14 Precious Sodalite

Soft, smokey black backdrop with whispery white veins that lightly flutter and dance across the surface like dragonflies atop a black lake, this porcelain slab shower surround adds a dramatic yet serene focal wall in this master bath suite.

Wall: Infinity MB09 Pietra Grey

Luxury Master Bath Suite, Featuring Infinity Porcelain on Shower Walls, Vanity Wall, and Flooring

Walls: Infinity MB15 Verde France Floors: Infinity MB11 Nero Marquinia

Disclaimer: “Groutless” is not a real word.

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