September 10, 2020

Ideal Islands for Any Kitchen

While it may not be private or tropical, you can have your own luxury island – right in your own kitchen.

For decades now, islands have been considered a staple of kitchen design and for good reason.

They can provide more counter space, more seating opportunities and some can even allow for your sink or appliances to be built in.

Regardless of the size of space or budget that you’re working with or whether you’re striving for style or functionality, an island is a possibility for any space.


Choose what works for your space

There are varying recommendations for a minimum size for a kitchen island, but our rule of thumb is the minimum recommended width is 42 inches for a single cook and 48 inches for multiple cooks.

Once you can check that box, another consideration is whether you want an island or a peninsula.


A peninsula shares most of the same features and benefits of a full island but is attached to the rest of your countertop at one end. They offer a practical and functional alternative for certain kitchen layouts, specifically small spaces as they take up less floor space.

If your budget is not a concern, you always have the option of rearranging the layout of your space to open it up and create the island you’ve always dreamed about.


But if you’re looking for a simpler or less expensive option or if your space just doesn’t allow for recommended space for an island or a peninsula, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for you.


Alternative options

Custom heights and depths for flexibility are great options when trying to maximize small spaces or make inexpensive changes to your kitchen.


You can also consider going skinny. Long, narrow islands are useful in that they provide some great surface area without sacrificing your ability to move around freely.

Another great option for a particularly small kitchen is a movable island. They’re often smaller by nature and adding wheels to the base of your island can allow you to move it around your space as necessary, or even into another room to serve as a bar cart or food server.

Balance your dimensions

If you’re fortunate enough to be working with a large space, it doesn’t always mean that any island you choose will suit it.

It stands to reason that larger spaces can accommodate larger islands. A big island can make a beautiful showpiece in a big kitchen but be careful not to overcrowd your space. Adding a fixture that is too large for the room that it’s in can easily ruin the aesthetic. A design professional will help you determine the right size for your kitchen.

A practical consideration you may want to look into is that your island countertop fits down the passageway to your kitchen. FLOFORM installers are experts in matching glue color and guarantee that your seam will be less than the thickness of a business card. In addition, Cambria offers the largest slab size available in the marketplace.


Design for your needs

Regardless of the type of island or peninsula you’re adding, get clear on why you’d like one. Extra storage space, food prep area and working or dining opportunities – what is it that you want to use your island for?

Do you want one thing in particular out of it, or will it serve multiple purposes?

If there’s a singular need, plan for it. For example, if you’re in desperate need of storage space, consider what you need to fit within in when choosing the size, location and size of your island.

Would you prefer open or closed storage options? By thinking ahead and prioritizing, you’ll be able to truly optimize the space and determine your priorities.

Like all aspects of your kitchen, make your island your own by creating a space that works for you and family and meets your most pressing needs.

Need help sorting out what that means for you? That’s why we’re here.

Try out our Kitchen Visualizer and check out a few options for your space. If you still need some advice, we are literally here to help you achieve your dream kitchen by guiding you through the process of choosing the right options for you, your lifestyle and your space.

Set up your free consultation – we’re happy to help you create your own paradise with an island today.

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