March 24, 2019

Infinity Porcelain – Cleaning Tips

Infinity Porcelain – Cleaning Tips



  • In case of particular and/or very stubborn stains, it is recommended to use specific detergents: make sure to carry out a test on a slab before proceeding with the transformation process, especially on the Polished finish, as shown in the table below.


  • With regards to ordinary cleaning, Infinity recommends not using waxes, oily soaps and impregnating products.


  • It is recommended to use neutral detergents, otherwise, refer to the table shown below.


  • All the Polished surfaces require the use of non-abrasive tools during the cleaning phase in order to prevent the finished surface from scratching and from taking on a more matte appearance.


  • If you need to wash the Polished surface with acid, make sure to use a buffered acid diluted in water, halving the acid concentration recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Also make sure to reduce the period of contact between the acid and slab, by rinsing with water immediately after cleaning.


  • It should be noted that the legislation does not provide for cleanability of rubber traces (e.g. saucepan mats) even in cases where this can occur continuously. The special Polishing process makes the surface highly reflective. The removal of part of the material accentuates the surface micro-porosity, making the product more susceptible to staining. In this case, Infinity accepts no liability for these products.


  • We would like to point out that the surfaces of products with very light or very dark solid colours are relatively delicate to certain types of stains, as they can leave more visible traces or halos compared to products with intermediate colours.


  • Therefore, please bear in mind that these stains require more accurate and timely maintenance for complete and correct cleaning. Ordinary maintenance must be carried out with specific products suitable for removing marks or stains, as shown in the summary table.


  • For all colours and especially white colours, the first cleaning after installation is extremely important in order to completely remove all the residues of grout or adhesives that make the product dirty.


  • In general, improper or late cleaning of these products may cause serious problems, making it difficult to completely remove dirt during the subsequent cleaning phase. In these cases, Infinity accepts no liability.

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Please refer to the overview of the products for the recommended cleaning method.