July 28, 2020

Choosing Your Kitchen Backsplashes

Who knew that something designed to catch spills could be so magical?

Backsplashes can be practical and simple or the standout element that draws all eyes to it. Regardless of whether you’d like it to be a focal point or blend into the rest of your space, we can help you choose the best option.


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Tile versus integrated finish

One of the first choices you’ll have to make when picking out a backsplash is whether to extend the countertops you have lovingly chosen up onto the wall or instead choose a complimentary tile to fill in the space behind your sink and stove.

Where an integrated backsplash can offer a continuous flow of countertop up the wall for a bold finish, tile can allow for more dimension and a different look and feel to break up a design.

While both approaches are viable options in most kitchens, like many other elements, it comes down to personal preference and the way you use your room.

But, for the best of both worlds, in some cases you can include a three to four-inch high integrated backsplash with tile to finish to the cabinets for a creative design.

Function at the forefront

Of all the components of your kitchen, a backsplash shouldn’t break the bank. Once you choose your appliances, countertops and other big-ticket items, we can help you explore the best options to fit your style and budget.

While style is always important, it’ s useful to keep the purpose of a backsplash in mind. Much like how your countertops are designed to be a functional part of your kitchen and literally catch spills and splatters, it’s important to choose the right backsplash material for your needs and cleaning style.

If you are an expressive or messy chef (be honest!), we recommend choosing an option that’s easy to wipe down and doesn’t require a lot of special maintenance.

Porous materials, like granite and marble, can be gorgeous, but they do need to be cleaned more carefully and more often, so consider ceramic tiles for an easier choice. Popular quartz countertops are made in a wide variety of striking patterns, so they go well with a plethora of different backsplashes as well.

Cohesion is key

From clothing to interior design, you’ve probably heard the statement, “It might not match, but it goes.” As the old adage implies, your backsplash doesn’t have to match all the other parts of your kitchen but it shouldn’t compete with them either.

Once you’ve covered function, whether you are aiming for something that pops or fits perfectly, choosing a backsplash that works with the other design elements in your room matters.

To help, it’s a good idea to pick the main color and a few accent colors for your kitchen.  As your countertops often represent such a large surface area and will directly touch your backsplash, it’s important that the two choices “go” together.

Once you’ve chosen your favorites, a good way of testing them out before committing is to attach samples of the color and tile samples to where the new backsplash will go.

Pay attention to how these samples look in different daylight and try varying degrees of artificial light if you have light dimmers.

Change it up

In a room with a lot of expensive elements, a backsplash is one of the most easily replaceable ones. While you don’t want to make habit of uninstalling and reinstalling it, changing your backsplash is an affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift without too much construction or headaches.

This means you can experiment more freely – consider the paisley! Think about the larger subway tile! – without having to live with it forever if you decide it isn’t for you after a few months.


Let us do the rest

Once you’ve made your final decision and placed your order, FLOFORM can remove your existing one and even install your new backsplash for you, upon request. If you choose to go with a tile option, we would be happy to arrange for a contractor to work with our team for a seamless installation of both your countertops and backsplash.

And don’t worry, we’ll build the needed time into our appointments. If the backsplash is attached to your countertop, it can be installed in the time allotted for your countertops. For a full-height or tile backsplash, the installation may take three to four visits to make sure it’s done right.


Now, get inspired by some of our favorite kitchen backsplashes:


Countertops: Royale Blanc – HanStone

Backsplash options: Lucente Linear Gloss/Matte Blend Morning Fog and Elements Coral

The warm neutral colors of the glass tiles, help tie in the wood in this bright and modern kitchen.





Countertops: Grey Stone – Cambria

Backsplash option: Ames Tile – Bliss Strips Midnight

Cool greys and white tile complement this clean and minimalist kitchen.





Countertops: Cambria Brittanicca

Backsplash: Vogue Wave White Gloss

These large white quartz tiles are the perfect way to allow the focus be on the countertop, and truly let the design shine.


Still have questions? Just ask!

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