August 25, 2022

Need to Clean These Four Areas of Your Home? Bacoban & FloForm Can Help!

For many, a big part of enjoying your home means ensuring it’s properly maintained and tidy. Simply, this often means keeping it clean by using trusted products.

At FloForm, we know Bacoban products, which are 99.99 percent hard surface disinfectants, will help you do just that while protecting your family against harmful germs and viruses.

Conveniently available in a spray and wipes, Bacoban is recommended for non-porous surfaces and fixtures and can be used in many rooms and corners from deep cleaning to day-to-day care.

Regardless of if you’re on top of your cleaning routine or looking to kickstart one, below are a few suggestions on how to get started in your own space:


Kitchen Counters

We know it’s an obvious place to start but there’s a reason. Most kitchens are the main hub of the house and our countertops see a lot of use – which means they get dirty fast. From homework to craft projects to where you drop your mail and finally, where you cook and eat, it’s important to regularly wipe down and remove pesky bacteria that may be hanging around in this well-used room to reduce the risk of illness. Bacoban Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray can help as it’s approved for food processing surfaces and can easily be sprayed on various materials to kill germs while allowing it to remain wet for approximately 10 minutes. Afterward, wipe the surface clean and dry with a cloth. No rinsing is required!


Inside the Microwave

Splatters and spills can be easily forgotten when the microwave door is closed after your food is ready. But the remnants of meals past can be unsafe and potentially dangerous if not taken care of. If it’s been a while, it might be helpful to do a surface clean first and then follow up with a disinfectant to stop any further spread of germs to your family or their snacks.


Drawers and Cabinets

Where you have drawers and cabinets, you probably have dirt and grime. Wiping down the front panels of these features is typically the type of cleaning we think of but what about their interiors? These often-overlooked areas (hello, silverware drawer) could always use a freshening up – and maybe even a purge. When you have the time, pull everything out and clean the drawer or cabinet itself, followed by any organizing systems or drawer liners. A quick vacuum might even be needed for any dust or crumbs. Next, a perfect option for sanitizing every corner is Bacoban’s Disinfecting and Cleaning Wipes. Make sure the surfaces are dry prior to returning everything to its spot.


Bathroom Counters and Vanities

Like our kitchens, a lot of life happens in the bathroom. Whether you love self-care like face masks that may leave a residue on your vanity or you’re trying to get rid of your kid’s stubborn toothpaste in the sink, keeping a bathroom clean can be tough. Start with some pre-cleaning of heavily dirty areas (think caked-on shaving cream and tiny hairs left behind) and follow up with a quick spray or disinfectant wipe for a sparkling finish.

When is the last time you cleaned these parts of your home? Can you think of another area you’ve been avoiding or have just forgotten about – light switches, and doorknobs, anyone? Whatever you’re cleaning, Bacoban has a solution for you!

Before you get down to work, be sure to read all product labels and test what you have chosen in a small, inconspicuous area to be sure it won’t damage your specific surface as all countertop materials may react differently.

If you have questions about what will work best in your home, reach out to us through our Contact Page.