September 10, 2019

Style Profile: Western Warmth

With a rustic western design style, you can have that feeling all year long in your own home.

As the leaves change colors and there’s a chill in the air, the idea of retreating indoors to a cozy space is that much more appealing.

If you picture dusty ranches and dated doilies when you picture western, think again! This style is all about creating a comforting, personalized and relaxed vibe – which couldn’t be more on-trend right now.

A casual concept, the western design is doable for any room with these effortless features:

Knock on all the wood


It’s simple: wood equals warmth. And it’s a key component of creating a western room. It can be light or dark, deep espresso or light pine. Find what works for you or what already exists in your home.

Are you lucky enough to have exposed beams in the room you’re redecorating? Consider stripping them down or staining them. And look down, too – check out what’s under your existing flooring. If there’s wood flooring, it may be able to be restored to its original glory.

But even if you don’t have wood features naturally built-in, they’re easy to add. A weathered antique cabinet or dining table can provide a great contrast to stainless steel appliances and more modern shelving and finishes.


Our Caribou, butcher block or wood countertops, are another way to introduce a natural element to your space. Available in seven different options, from antiqued oak to maple, there’s finish for every taste.
















And don’t forget about reclaimed wood. Often salvaged from old barns and other aging structures, this unique material is being repurposed into one-of-a-kind creations. With options for wall features, furniture or even accent art pieces, there’s no limit to the way you can incorporate it into any room.


Warm it up


Autumnal colors, such as browns and oranges, are perfect hues for a down-on-the-farm ambiance.

By keeping the feeling light and airy by mixing these warm colors with neutrals, you’ll balance out the earthiness of wood features that are key to this approach (See: above!).

Think incandescent lights and neutral fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool paired with pops of fresh flowers on the table and bright cushions and blankets on the couch.



And stone can be a neutral, too! Big beautiful stone fireplaces or wall pattern can add a feature element to a room that you can build around with more dramatic colors.


Fall into it


With a design all about comfort, inviting furniture is a must.

Different sized comfortable chairs – think wooden chairs with cushions at the kitchen table, tall stools at the counter, and a wicker chair in the corner of the room – is one way to offer a number of seating options that will appeal to anyone who comes through your door.

Big, oversized sectionals would also fit into this aesthetic easily. And who doesn’t love relaxing on a big, comfy couch?


Embrace the rustic details


As with every design, the more personality you can add, the better.

And you can try rustic out by adding a few accessories to see if it works for your tastes and life.

Framing vintage photos or handwritten family favorite recipes are unique additions that create instant personalization for a kitchen or dining room.

Special details like having shutters fitted into your windows, going for an open-concept style when it comes to the cupboards and shelving, and hanging pots and pans from the ceiling or along one wall will only add to the overall rustic feel.



When you’re considering a new design for home, remember that western style isn’t all cowboy hats and boots, but if you’re looking for a homey, warm and customizable room, this approach just might be for you!

Still unsure how western might work in your home? Contact us for an In-Home Consultation to help you decide.

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