February 21, 2019

What’s Your Bathroom Style?

We’ve talked about kitchen style in the past, but what about bathroom style?

Bathrooms are often either overlooked as strictly utilitarian or absolutely wrapped in luxury and we think there is a missing middle ground that appeals to most people.

So what does your ideal bathroom look like?

If you’re having trouble describing it, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these bathroom styles and see what speaks to you!

1. Beachy.

This is a very common style that people are drawn to for a bathroom.

The beach evokes feelings of calm and ease while maintaining a sense of lightheartedness.

Light, bright colors, and casual accessories can really bring this style to life. Just be aware that this approach can turn easily cliche so try to apply a restrained hand to things that are too obviously ‘from the beach.’

Cambria Ella

2. Farmhouse.

Farmhouse is a refined version of shabby chic. Reclaimed and repurposed materials are balanced with modern fixtures and finishes.

Large basin sinks, vintage lighting, and freestanding bathtubs are all classic features of the farmhouse style.

via Lynzy & Co

3. Industrial.

Raw building materials and typically functional elements are exposed in this design.

The beauty and strength of components such as brick, concrete and steel are brought to light and highlighted in the design. No frills is key to getting this look right.

Hanstone Metropolitan

4. Contemporary.

Clean lines and sleek surfaces prevail in this style. Less is more here; no clutter, little embellishment and simple lighting are trademarks of contemporary styling.

Cambria Ella

5. Traditional.

Traditional design gets a bad reputation as it’s too often associated with being old or out of style.

Classic details and design elements are celebrated here and styling that has stood the test of time.

Cambria New Quay

See anything that strikes a chord? What’s your bathroom style?

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