2017 Design Exchange Award

November 8, 2016

2017 Design Exchange Award

DX Intersection is a renowned annual fundraising event for Design Exchange that supports Public and Education Programs, including children’s camps, talks, socials, workshops and more. Each year, DX celebrates a Canadian individual or partnership that exemplifies creativity, outstanding talent, and innovative vision.

This year, Design Exchange is celebrating Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian journalist and entrepreneur based in London, UK. Tyler Brûlé’s work demonstrates the combination of different design disciplines and shows how design influences contemporary popular culture and lifestyle. His wildly popular publications, Wallpaper and Monocle magazines have played a significant roll in how design and culture is consumed.

FLOFORM is honored to have been chosen to fabricate The 2017 DX Award designed by Thom Fougere, Creative Director of EQ3. The award mimics the physical form of Mr.Brûlé’s publications, the link to Tyler’s influence on his readers and the public at large. Made from a repetitive application of 4” x 4” Corian® panels, the piece emulates the physical stacks of these magazines that occupy space in many homes, sitting in tall piles on shelves, tables, and book shelves. The form slowly tapers to a cylindrical shape, adding a dynamic quality to the form, and improving the tactile quality of the award.

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