Living on the Outside

June 1, 2019

Living on the Outside

Best parts of the summer: Outdoor living 

But its often a struggle for people to transition their living style from inside the home to out.

Of course, you’d prefer your home’s overall style to flow consistently from one space to the next, but the uses of outdoor space can vary greatly from what you do indoors.

This often leads to a function versus fashion dilemma outside. We believe you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You just have to understand your goals for space and how to incorporate your individual style in a way that makes sense. 

 So what is your outdoor style? Do you dream of a cozy oasis to kick back and relax? Or is your patio a play space for the whole family? Here are a few ways to make your yard work for you.

Green Living

So you love all things blooming and blossoming and green. How do you balance that with the natural foliage around you and not feel like you’re trapped in the jungle?

A cohesive framework here is key.

Keeping your plants organized in planters or pots lets you be creative with your styling and also group together plants that may not naturally grow side by side.

Depending on the amount of sun and wind your patio receives, this approach offers the flexibility to move your plants around, or even bring them indoors if needed.

Check out this beautiful patio with gorgeous mixed tones of gray, black, brown and white. And woods. Lots of woods!

These neutral and natural color tones allow the greenery to really pop!

Modern Minimalist

Modern and minimal style is often hard for people to incorporate into an outdoor space.

It’s as though some view this aesthetic as competing against the unruly and unmanicured quality of nature. An easy way to reconcile this is to stick to a simple color palette and natural materials such as wood and stone.

This patio does a great job of creating a clean and restrained oasis which allows the beauty of the surrounding landscape to stand out.

Family First

Does it feel like your yard belongs to your children? Are toys, balls, and bikes littered all over the place?

This scenario, for many parents, is all too relatable as kids’ have the tendency to take over any space they occupy.

The solution here is the good old, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality. The organization is now your best friend.

Create activity centers for little ones and group toys that are designed for similar activities together. This way, everything has its place and the yard can work for the whole family.


There’s really nothing better than long, lazy summer days spent at the cottage, swimming, fishing and sipping something on the dock.

City dwellers flock to the water every chance they get and savor the relaxed and casual feel of lake life.

In some ways, cottage style is more a way of thinking than an actual style of decorating.

The best cottages are humble, natural and center on family – like a warm blanket for the soul, they honor imperfections, everyday treasures and family collectibles.

Why does it work?

Comfortable and personable, cottage style has many elements that speak to everyone. Fabrics abound and the furnishings invite us to sit down and put up our feet. And most importantly, there’s a lot of room for individual expression.

The best way to design your ultimate cottage is to pull from the beauty around you. Great cabins are an escape from the typical day-to-day grind, so allow yourself a retreat and let the splendor of nature into your space.

Natural materials like wood and stone are classic cottage components, and soft neutrals allow for layers of texture, paint, fabric and accessories, all seamless blending with the landscape outside the walls.

Here are some of our favorite cottage inspiration images.


Cottage Bathroom



What do you like the most about cottage life?

Enjoy the Summer! =))