April 15, 2016

Your Spring Home Checklist

Winter can be long. We all get a bit of cabin fever after the long cold months and jump at the chance to spend a little time outdoors and feel the spring sun on our faces. No matter where you live though, with spring comes cleaning, freshening and all sorts of projects to keep your home in top shape.


1. Inspect the elements of your yard. Winter can take a big toll on fences, walkways, decks etc. Take a quick inventory of any damage done by the cold and make note of what needs to be repaired.


2. Clean your siding. Instantly freshen up the look of your house by washing it thoroughly. Using a regular hose with soap and water is the safest and gentlest option, but depending on the type of siding you have, you may be able to use a pressure washer for a more rigorous clean.Entry

3. Revitalize your entryway. Wash away the winter road salt and muddy bootprints with a good cleaning, including your front door. Then refresh the area by reorganizing your storage space and putting away all that heavy winter gear.


4. Set the scene for summer. Dust off those patio tables and chairs, arrange the pillows on your porch swing and set up your outdoor rooms. Get a fresh seasonal look with new outdoor tableware, like acrylic plates and glasses.


5. Plant a cut-flower garden. Nothing beats having a constant supply of fresh flowers for bouquets throughout your home. There are no specific rules when it comes to a cutting garden, but its nice to plant flowers that will bloom at different times, so you’ll always have something to cut.

Did we miss anything? What is on your home to-do list this spring?

Images are from New Wives Club, Liz Marie Blog, I Design Love, The Woodgrain Cottage, and domino.